Strunkmann & Meister

Product: Table- and bed linen
Location: Bielefeld
Since: 1832

Strunkmann & Meister equips the royal house of Saudi-Arabia and the "Villa Hammerschmidt" in Bonn with its exclusive table- and bed linen.

Strunkmann & Meister

A small, but exclusive address for table- and bed linen, that was how the success story of Strunkmann & Meister started 175 years ago in Bielefeld. The manufactory has preserved its exclusive clientele throughout its history: Whether manorial properties like the royal house of Saudi-Arabia, official political residences such as the “Villa Hammerschmidt” in Bonn or cultivated private residences.

The company represents quality out of tradition and takes its time for the production of individual customer wishes. Special order- for the weaving of emblems as well as the monogram and ornament stitches can be fulfilled in the in-house stitchery. Exquisite quality and particularly the higher-than-average durability are the leading maxims of Strunkmann & Meister. The manufactory offers a laundry-service to prevent that the daily-use leaves its marks: Cleaned, cared and flattened the laundry will be sent to the customer´s home.

Since the founding year, the family-run business in third generation is led by the same values; various employees are working for more than 40 years for Strunkmann & Meister. Table- and bed linen, kitchen towels and tissues are sold in the store in Bielefeld, during exclusive selling exhibitions and at the customer´s home.