Klar Seifen

Product: Soap products
Location: Heidelberg
Since: 1840

Klar Seifen develops and creates soap and care products according to the individual wish - due to a great variety of ingredients, parfumed oils, shapes, colours and types of packaging.

Klar Seifen

For more than 170 years, the name Klar Seifen stands for high-class soap products and the oldest family-run soap manufactory in Germany. Soap-producer Philipp Klar founded the manufactory in Heidelberg, where it is located until this day. Having been a family business for over five generations, the company places tradition, quality, sustainability and passion at the heart of its philosophy

Exclusive and carefully selected ingredients like sumptuous olive oil, rosemary or real wine are used for the refinement. The focus lies on ecological production for highly-efficient fine soaps and the stuff´s passion giving its very best every day. Artistically designed soap sculptures out of 500 different frames have been passed on from generation to generation within the Klar family. Delicate motives, like the soap polar bear, can be ordered according to the customers’ wishes.

At the store in Heidelberg you can find exceptional items next to classic care products like curd-, shaving- and hand-soaps – furthermore, the entire range of items can be ordered easily via the online shop.