Joh's Stübben

Product: Equestrian sports products
Location: Krefeld
Since: 1894

Since 1894 the manufactory Joh´s Stübben has been a family enterprise. Their premium tacks set an outstanding standard regarding quality and success in international equitation.

Joh's Stübben

The success story of Joh’s Stübben KG began in Krefeld, a town renowned for its velvet and silk manufacture, in 1894. Johannes Stübben, the company’s founder, produced high-quality saddles, tack, harnesses and other leather goods even then, and the reputation for the quality of his work soon spread beyond the region. The manufactory has remained a family enterprise throughout its long history. It was completely destroyed in World War II but was rebuilt and led to renewed success by Carl Stübben and his son Werner Stübben. Today, products from the Stübben manufactory are available in more than 50 countries on five continents. The company has production facilities in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. The Stübben brand has successfully established itself as the world brand in equestrian sports on the basis of its over 100 years of tradition and the outstanding quality of the products associated with it.

The central values of Joh’s Stübben are tradition and experience, but the company also places great emphasis on innovation and modern manufacturing technologies. It uses nothing but selected, high-quality materials, which are processed with great precision. Products can be custom-made according to the needs of riders and their horses. Regular feedback from athletes and experts ensures that highest quality standards are met consistently.