Fapack Feinkartonagen

Product: Cardboards
Location: Berlin
Since: 1869

FAPACK’s tailor-made high-quality cardboards have made it as far as Hollywood: They play a major role in Wes Anderson’s film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Fapack Feinkartonagen

Dating back to 1869, FAPACK’s history started with a hat box. Today, 145 years later, the manufactory is one of Germany’s most sought after packaging specialists. FAPACK is being managed by the Behrens family in fifth generation.

Every cardboard has its own character: The packages have their own appeal and are just as individual as the products they cover. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the cardboards can be overlaid with precious covering materials such as linen, get a logo stamped on or can be decked with silk. Thereby, today‘s manufacturing process does not differ much from back then. For the most part, the products are still produced by hand. Only a few machines are employed when the high-quality cardboards are refined.

Alongside the tailor-made high-quality cardboards, FAPACK‘s assortment of goods includes packaging, shape molded parts made of airpop® and shipping packaging made of solid board as well as corrugated board.