Kay Gundlack Schuhmanufaktur

Product: Custom-made shoes
Location: Parchim
Since: 2005

Kay Gundlack´s custom-made shoes are not only well-known in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. By now they are distributed in Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Kay Gundlack Schuhmanufaktur

Kay Gundlack Schuhmanufaktur is the youngest member of the German Manufactory Initiative. Kay Gundlack has manufactured custom-made shoes in his workshop at Parchim, Mecklenburg, since 2005.

Even though the craftsmanship of shoemaking has a long and proud history, shoemakers themselves have become extremely rare. This is exactly the reason why Kay Gundlack feels so strongly about not only reviving the traditional trade of shoemaking, but also about creating shoes with a value that goes beyond utility - shoes with soul. After all, each shoe is different. This central tenet of Gundlack’s philosophy finds its concrete expression in his work. His aim is to create hand-made shoes that are not only perfectly comfortable to wear, but that also match the personality of their owner.

Kay Gundlack’s work focuses around shoes and the people who wear them. His designs are based on individual suggestions and requests, and he is happy to share his craft with his clients: His manufactory is an open workshop, where all clients are welcome to watch the manufacturing process or even contribute to it at certain stages, if they wish to do so. Future owners therefore frequently acquire a real sense of ownership of the products, and this complements the material value of Kay’s exquisite shoes by a unique emotional factor.