Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz

Product: Silk flowers

Location: Sebnitz

Since: 1834

A special manufacture even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. With a height of 3, 70 m, the biggest rose of silk remains as a record undefeated since 1997. This artwork can be marveled at while visiting the city of silk flowers.

Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz

At the Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz the manufacturing of silk flowers is cultivated. In 1834, bohemian flower makers settled in Sebnitz and founded today’s leisure area in the Saxon Switzerland known as the “city of silk flowers”. Until this very day, the “Deutsche Kunstblume” belongs to one of the few manufactories worldwide that produce silk flowers in traditional handicraft.

Twelve employees have dedicated themselves to handcrafting silk flowers made of silk, velvet or taffeta with the help of classical stamp and coin tools. The major steps of production are coloring, stamping, starching and the final twining. The unique arrangements of silk flowers, miscellaneous fashion accessories and wedding jewelry are renowned and appreciated nationwide at theatres, cinemas or premium business events by companies like JOOP! or Volkswagen.

The heart of the “Deutsche Kunstblume” is the workshop viewing area, a “living workshop with lively tradition” and more than 40,000 visitors a year.