Rotter Glas

Product: Glass cups
Location: Lübeck
Since: 1870

Every product of Rotter-Glas is a hand-singed original and is being cut in several complex processing steps. The glasses are completely manufactured in manual work. The colored glasses are available at selected retailers in Germany and abroad. They are also being exhibited in numerous galleries all over the world.

Rotter Glas

The fourth-generation family-run glass manufactory “Rotter Glas – Crystal since 1870“ has its origin in Silesia. Taught by his father, Carl Rotter learned the intricacies of the Silesian glass cutting and –engraving techniques in the 1920s. Already by 1929, he patented the spherical-drilling technique. After World War II and the subsequent exodus from Silesia, Carl Rotter re- established the company in Lübeck.

Rotter Glas stands for the linkage between traditional glass manufacturing and timeless design. The outstanding quality of the products is ensured by the long and intensive training that the glass cutters have to go through at Rotter Glas. Only after three years of training and seven years of professional practice does a glass cutter possess the necessary artisan craftsmanship and experience to realize the distinctive decors in perfection.

Rotter Glas is renowned for refined crystal glass in pure manual work. Through the various cutting techniques, a great variety of decors has evolved which enjoy great appreciation by customers and admirers of perfected glass cutting.