Peter Bock

Product: Nibs
Location: Heidelberg
Since: 1939

Peter Bock´s finest nibs and premium ink feeders are used by leading writing utensils manufacturers like Visconti, which were selected for such history-making events as signing the NATO-Russia Summit on May 28, 2002.

Peter Bock

The company Peter Bock AG epitomises the emotional value of handwritten words. This manufactory, with its proud history of more than 70 years, has successfully established itself as an internationally renowned supplier that blends the traditional and emotional values associated with classical writing utensils perfectly with the high quality requirements of our times. Peter Bock AG, a family enterprise, is managed in the 3rd generation by Wolfgang Bock.

This manufactory produces superior nibs for fountain pens and premium ink feeder systems. Its products are the result of a proud history of individual craftsmanship, supported by modern CAD technologies and proprietary manufacturing equipment that ensures ultimate precision. The company’s clients include nationally and internationally leading manufacturers of brand products such as Faber-Castell, Visconti and Kaweco, but it also produces nibs for jewellers and writing utensils for other renowned manufacturers.