WELTER Manufaktur für Wandunikate

Product: Designer wallpapers
Location: Berlin
Since: 1985

Since 1985 WELTER Manufaktur für Wandunikate (Berlin) fabricates unique hand painted wall cladding for apartments, hotels and restaurants worldwide. Even the main stage of The Oscars ceremony was covered in an unique wall cladding from the manufactory.

WELTER Manufaktur für Wandunikate

For almost thirty years WELTER Manufaktur für Wandunikate produces premium wallpaper and wall coverings. When Ulrich Welter founded his Manufaktur für Wandunikate in 1985, he had already received several requests from the film industry. Starting with on-site installation works, from 1995 onwards, Welter began to fabricate unique hand-painted wall cladding in his workshops in Berlin Schöneberg.

The products of Welter manufactory are being fabricated using only authentic materials and long-lasting colors. Local lighting conditions are being considered at the production stage. The colors are applied to a vlies using painting or patination techniques. The materials for the coatings range from noble metals and alloys like gold, silver and steel to glas and marbel powder. You can gaze upon these precious wall coverings at the ceilings of 5-star-hotel Adlon (Berlin), in the private shopping rooms of Harrods department store and in the World Trade Center in Dubai or at the main stage of the Academy Awards ceremony.