Hummel Manufaktur

Product: Ceramic figures
Location: Rödental
Since: 1935 

Since 1935 the charming Hummel figures have delighted fans and collectors from all over the world. The Hummel Manufaktur in Rödental/Bavaria preserves and cultivates the artistic heritage of the nun Maria Innocentia Hummel from the monastery in Siegen.

Hummel Manufaktur

„I want to share happiness!”

This quote was once written from the nun Maria Innocentia Hummel from the Franciscan monastery in Sießen/Allgäu. To share happiness works even today, more than 70 years after her early death in 1946. Millions of people all over the world enjoy the adorable Hummel figures with their expressive children’s faces.

Since 1935 the Hummel manufactory has stood for finest craftsmanship “made in Germany”. Every single Hummel figure is produced in loving and careful manual labour. Many times each figure passes through the hands of excellently trained modellers and painters. Some up to 20.000 times before they are considered as complete. The material composition and colours are carefully guarded at the Hummel manufactory. At least, these ingredients are part of the fascination that surrounds the Hummel figures.

Fans and collectors of Hummel figures around the world pay particular attention to the faces of the Hummel children. With their carefree facial expression the Hummel figures mirror a perfect world which often brings back memories of the viewer’s childhood. This is perhaps the real secret of the Hummel figures ¬– which is preserved, cultivated and continued by the Hummel manufactory with the principle “We want to sell feelings.”