MÖVE Bikes

Product: Premium bicycles and e-bikes
Location: Mühlhausen / Thuringia
Since: 2014 (1897)

MÖVE Bikes provides innovative German Engineering for functional added value with manufactory quality for new pleasure in cycling experience

Felchtaer Str. 27
99974 Mühlhausen

MÖVE Bikes

The combination of innovation and tradition with manufactory quality for new pleasure in cycling

The story of MÖVE Bikes is the story of engineers from the development of complex products for the German automotive industry as well as medical technology and turbine engineering, who combine the passion as engineers with their passion for bicycles and have been reviving Germany's second oldest bike brand MÖVE with an innovation.

In 2014, engineers Tobias Spröte, Marcus Rochlitzer and Dominik Burre founded MÖVE Bikes GmbH in Mühlhausen / Thuringia, laying the foundation for the revival of the MÖVE bicycle brand from Walter & Co. (later: VEB Möve - Mühlhausen plant). At the center of the restart of the historic MÖVE brand was the cyfly drive: a patented mechanical multi-joint pedal crank that provides up to 30 percent more torque and better use of pedaling energy.

With the development of cyfly and the associated selection for the German Accelerator program by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the course was set for the market launch of a new MÖVE bicycle. Further awards underline the innovative character of MÖVE Bike GmbH. The modern MÖVE brand builds on the historical brand attributes of quality, functionality, attention to detail and comfort and develops them further with innovative and passionate engineering skills. MÖVE bikes are assembled and painted by hand in Mühlhausen using a patented production process with self-developed and handmade frames and scalable manufacture-production modules.

Well thought-out functionality and manufactory quality for premium bicycles and e-bikes in sustainable individual mobility

All MÖVE bicycles and e-bikes combine manufacturing quality down to the last detail with innovations based on German engineering and selected components for more enjoyment of cycling in various areas of sustainable mobility. The product portfolio includes mechanical bicycles with the patented cyfly drive as well as e-bikes with rear hub motors from German production, which, in conjunction with the mechanical drives, combine the design-related advantages of the rear motor such as recuperation (energy recovery) and low wear with optional special dynamics or range.

All MÖVE bikes can be configured according to individual preferences. The well-thought-out interaction and the quality of the drive technology is continued in the MÖVE frame, which is made of 7020 aluminum and has a removable BMZ powerpack battery, powder-coated hollow profile fenders and luggage racks with integrated LED lights from our own production. For travel purposes as well as for heavy riders, MÖVE bikes with an unrivaled gross weight of 170 kg offer a special advantage. MÖVE thus addresses a quality-conscious target group that enjoys discovering new things and “flying away” from others - in keeping with the historical brand slogan “In flight through the country with MÖVE”.