Riempp - Die Rahmenmanufaktur

Riempp - Die Rahmenmanufaktur

The family company was founded in 1896 by Julius Riempp and with its 120-year history it is now one of the oldest and last manufactories in the world which still produce picture frames by hand from raw wood to the complete frame.

The unique picture frames that are well-known for their remarkable design and the high quality of the used materials are produced in the in-house carpentry and gilding workshop. Only the best materials like leaf gold, sterling silver, platinum and the finest colour pigments are used. Thanks to a grateful coincidence the Riempp frame manufactory has with the House of Hohenzollern a close partnership and supplier of sustainable timber from local woods.

Each frame can be individualized by the customer to match the artwork or the room. It’s even possible to produce a frame according to historical records or by a certain design in mind. The tradition and experience of the manufactory play an important role in the highly customise frame production. With a competent and creative team the manufactory can break new ground by the design of the frames.

The Riempp frame manufactory has a continuously growing international customer base consisting of art collectors, artists, interior designers and friends of good taste.