Ege Textilmanufaktur

Product: Table and bed linen
Location: Ulm
Since: 1930

The precious linen for table and bed is appreciated by customers with highest requirements. Even in Bellevue Castle there are used napkins of Ege Textilmanufaktur – in proper style with the federal eagle weaved in.

Ege Textilmanufaktur

The city of Ulm in Germany’s Swabian Mountains has a long tradition of linen weaving, which it has maintained through to the 21st century, and the Ege Textilmanufaktur has a special place within this proud history. Founded in 1930, the company is now a third-generation family-run business managed by Christoph Ege.

Ege Textilmanufaktur is synonymous with table and bed linen of uncompromising quality and perfection, largely due to the outstanding artisanship of the more than 50 staff employed by the manufactory in Ulm. Ege exquisit works with the finest of materials, and each of its products is individually sewn, embroidered and upholstered to measure. Its truly exquisite and luxurious fabrics include St Gallen lace from Switzerland, woven specially for the manufactory, brocade damask manufactured in the Italian Piedmont region to Ege’s own designs, and heavy pure linen woven by a small manufactory in Ireland.

Ege Textilmanufaktur products are not available through retail channels, but are only distributed via specially trained customer consultants. This allows customers to select fabrics, trims, embroidery, lace and appliqué patterns in the peace of their home. They manufactures its entire range of table and bed linen, napkins, bespoke shirts, embroidered christening robes, a special children’s collection, individualised down quilts and ergonomic mattresses exclusively on site in Ulm. The manufactory’s range is complemented by a small collection of sophisticated accessories. Christoph Ege places great value on supporting small artisan suppliers who are just as dedicated to ultimate quality.