DAYS OF GERMAN MANUFACTORIES 2018: „Why wasn't I here before?”

With these words, the Governing Mayor of Berlin gave an enthusiastic opening to the 5th DAYS OF GERMAN MANUFACTORIES 2018 after a one-hour tour and many conversations with manufacturers from all over Germany and Austria. This year again, the DAYS OF GERMAN MANUFACTORIES were a magnet for several thousand visitors to the KPM Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. In an atmosphere of craftsmanship, visitors were able to experience the manufacturing of unique products at first hand and meet with manufacturers, craftsmen and designers from around 50 manufactories throughout Germany.

Touch, try and experience handmade products – the DAYS OF GERMAN MANUFACTORIES 2018 with the exhibition HANDMADE IN GERMANY immersed visitors in the fascinating world of manufactories. From the stunning work of the gilder from Riempp Rahmenmanufaktur to the fine art of guilloché by the watch refiner Jochen Benzinger to the "flowering" of exceptional silk flowers by the Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz – the visitors were invited to experience a varied programme of craftsmanship.

This year's special exhibition COOKING & DINING also fascinated the visitors. In addition to the pottery manufactory Hedwig Bollhagen and the manufactory for cast-iron pots and pans Hoffmann Metallgefäße, the Meisterstrasse presented a banquet table decorated with a variety of Austrian craftsmanship. But of course it was also possible to enjoy, marvel and splash. While at the live baking station of the cake designer Koni Tonitz the visitors were spoilt with all sorts of freshly baked delicacies, the sensory scientist and spirits expert Christine Brugger from the Organic Distillery showed the complex aroma of the handmade distillates in a sensory workshop.

After two exciting days dedicated to handmade products, the Initiative Deutsche Manufakturen will once again invite manufacturers and craftsmen to this branch meeting in 2019. The date for the 6th DAYS OF GERMAN MANUFACTORIES 2019 will be announced shortly.

The participating exhibitors were:
Burmester Audiosysteme (audio systems), ECM (espresso machines), Graf von Faber-Castell (writing instruments), Rotter Glas (glasses), Welter (unique wall pieces), Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz (artificial flowers), Hummel Manufaktur (ceramic figures), Waldmann (writing instruments), Glashütte Lamberts (glass), FAPACK (fine cardboard boxes), Ege Textilmanufaktur (bed linen and table linen), Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (porcelain), Meisterschuh (custom shoes), Jochen Benzinger (watches), Kay Gundlack (custom shoes), Klar Seifen (soaps), Riempp (frame), salon Hüte & Accessoires (custom-made hats), Strunkmann & Meister (bed and table linen), Stübben (saddles and accessories), Hedwig Bollhagen (pottery), Hoffmann Metallgefäße (cast-iron pots and pans), ZWEEnHALB (barbecue grills), MIA MAI (knit couture), Hennemann & Braun (custom shoes), Windmühlenmesser (knife), Organic Distillery (gin/distillates), Koni Tonitz Tortendesignerin (cakes and pastries), Manufactum (department store for manufactured products), Poggenpohl (custom-made kitchens), Ölmühle an der Havel (oils, pestos, spices, chocolates and much more), Candy Farm (sweets), Schusters Würzerei (spices), Wildmanufaktur (game specialities), Senfpauli (mustard), gleem - Finest Natural (pralines), Rittmeyers Besondere Raffinessen (sauces), Rausch Schokoladen-Manufaktur (chocolate), SüßMery (cantuccini), Tsampa (energy food), Mrs T (pastry/delicatessen), Mampe (spirits), Dörrwerk (snacks of saved fruits and vegetables), Got Dessert? (various desserts), Goldkörner Manufaktur (granola), Zuckerpeitsche (beverage syrup), Healthy Bar (healthy snacks), Paleomio (power food bar)

(Photo: Ulla C. Binder)

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